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Be More You *August Feature*

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Our BE MORE YOU campaign is focused on emboldening our shoppers and guests and reinforcing personal confidence. Now, more than… Read More

  1. Our BE MORE YOU campaign is focused on emboldening our shoppers and guests and reinforcing personal confidence. Now, more than ever, we are feeling the need to express ourselves. To be felt for who we are and who we’ve become over the past couple of years. Bridge Street is the perfect place to answer the question: Who do you want to be?


Each month we are highlighting a local gem of Huntsville who shows what it’s like to BE MORE YOU.


For the month of August we are featuring the faces behind our very own Urban Cookhouse, Rutul + Gira Zaveri!



Owning a restaurant was Rutul Zaveri’s long-time goal. Urban Cookhouse was a dream realized when Rutul and his wife Gira moved from Kansas City to Huntsville with their daughter, who is Sophomore at James Clemens High School, five years ago. As a couple, they love being in the restaurant business and appreciate all the love and support they have gotten from their employees, partners and the Huntsville community. There is no looking back and they feel blessed to call Huntsville home.


What do you love most about being a business owner in Huntsville, AL?  

We believe Huntsville is a great place to raise a family and is an affordable city to live in. We love the wonderful people that live in this smart city. People who are super friendly, diverse and truly support, appreciate and recognize locally owned businesses.


What makes you, you? 

I think as a couple we strongly believe in building strengths that complement your weaknesses. We try to be balanced and remain aware of the liabilities in our strengths and find opportunities in our weaknesses. Being married for 18 years really helps us to identify ourselves and bring this identification into our business in terms of working together for the same goal.


How can you help others “Be More You?” 

This is a tough one! There are a lot of things here and honestly every individual has his or her “Be More You.” The one thing we can say is never lose your spark, trust your instinct and never stop doing things that make you happy.


What is your favorite thing to eat at Urban Cookhouse?

Gira’s Favorite-Berry Salad (I can eat that every single day, omg so good.)

Rutul’s Favorite-I do not have one favorite, I love it too much, but I can name a few: Chicken Special, Shrimp Kabob, White Barbeque Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

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