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Be More You *June Feature*

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BE MORE YOU launched this spring to embolden our audience and reinforce personal confidence in one’s self. Now, more than… Read More

BE MORE YOU launched this spring to embolden our audience and reinforce personal confidence in one’s self. Now, more than ever, people are feeling the need to express themselves. To be felt for who they are and who they’ve become over the past couple of years. Bridge Street is the perfect place for them to answer the question: Who do you want to be?


Each month we are going to highlight a local gem of Huntsville who shows what it’s like to BE MORE YOU.


For the month of June we are featuring a local father and foodie, Ricky Garcia!


After 17-years in the restaurant industry, Ricky decided to start a food blog to highlight the best spots to eat in Huntsville and around the world. Even though he loves food, he believes the people preparing and serving always come first. If you see him around Huntsville, be sure to stop him for a selfie!


What made you decide to be a Huntsville food blogger?

During the pandemic I started voicing my opinion on the food industry and quickly saw that, not only was it valuable to my Facebook  friends, but also valuable to the restaurant industry that I grew up in and love. The restaurant industry is hard enough as is, so if I can help a local restaurant improve, I will. I care about people and food, so starting a blog just made sense. In October 2020, I decided that what I was doing was worth sharing, even though I had no way to fund it. I knew if I committed to serving my community the rest would fall into place.


What makes you, you?

I genuinely care for people. So much so, I do not charge for any blog posts I share. I want to support the restaurants I believe in, not just the ones that pay me to plug them.


How can you help others “Be More You?”

I will tell them the following three things: Love people. Eat food. Share positivity.


Since Father’s Day is in June, what is your favorite restaurant to take your daughter to at Bridge Street?

Neon Lilly Eurasian Cuisine, because it’s the only locally grown restaurant at Bridge Street (and it’s delicious!) Teaching my daughter, Sophie, to love people and food is one of my favorite things to do and what better place to do it than a great local spot.


Stay up to date with RickyHSV and his foodie adventures on Instagram.

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